Sunday, 28 June 2009

The kinds of things we do in the group.

During our recent group meetings we have been talking about positive thinking, discussing the deeper meaning of life, discussing spirituality and faith. We have had poems and creative writing, model plane building, guitar practice and had visits from a dietician with advice on healthy eating. which has been very important as often we feel bad when we don't look after ourselves and we need to value ourselves enough to look after ourselves and do nice things to build our confidence and self-esteem as having an illness and/or hearing voices can often knock these things. I know what its like to have an institutionalised outlook on life and find it hard to stand on your own two feet as being in the system and being unwell can do that do you. But the more I take charge of my own life and depend less on other people to fix me the better I feel and the more that feeling of helplessness and victim mentality has lestened. It has been a necessary journey but a painful one.

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