Friday, 14 August 2009

New Website.

We are currently building a website at // Please note that this website is currently under construction so please be patient. Refer to it for all future meetings and events. Thanks, Amanda

Change of Venue and Date of Meetings.

The meetings at Glasgow East Regeneration Agency have come to an end. We will be meeting in the future at The Scotia Clubhouse, 159 Broad Street, Bridgeton, in the Eastend. Our meetings will commence on 27th August 2009 from 1 til 3pm. Please note the change of day, we will now be meeting on Thursday afternoons. Hope you can come!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

The kinds of things we do in the group.

During our recent group meetings we have been talking about positive thinking, discussing the deeper meaning of life, discussing spirituality and faith. We have had poems and creative writing, model plane building, guitar practice and had visits from a dietician with advice on healthy eating. which has been very important as often we feel bad when we don't look after ourselves and we need to value ourselves enough to look after ourselves and do nice things to build our confidence and self-esteem as having an illness and/or hearing voices can often knock these things. I know what its like to have an institutionalised outlook on life and find it hard to stand on your own two feet as being in the system and being unwell can do that do you. But the more I take charge of my own life and depend less on other people to fix me the better I feel and the more that feeling of helplessness and victim mentality has lestened. It has been a necessary journey but a painful one.

Current meetings as of July 2009.

After having a short break, we have now resumed meeting. The details are as follows, and we meet Wednesday afternoons, 2-3.30pm at Glasgow East Regeneration Agency, Tollcross Road, Parkhead, Glasgow, hope to see you there. Carers, service users and interested parties welcome.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

christmas holidays

We have now stropped meeting for the Christmas holidays. The Hearing Voices Network in Glasgow will resume meeting from wednesday the 7th January.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

current meetings dates

The hearing voices network glasgow will now be meeting on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm until 4pm from wednesday 22nd October 2008.

We will be meeting at the Gera Offices in Parkhead on Tollcross Road.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

September Start Date

I am hoping to have the group up and running by September. I have had a lot of emails from interested parties. I apologise for the delay in answering emails. I will put further information of the blog as it comes in. I am just waiting for confirmation of premises. Thanks for your patience and once again I apologise for the delay. If anyone has any information about possible premises to suggest could you email me. Thanks, amanda.